Impartial Artists Signing Document Offers after TikTok Success in 2022

It is no secret that TikTok has grow to be the preferred place for A&Rs to find new expertise.

Today, for those who discover your title on the TikTok Emerging Artists Chart you’ll be able to relaxation assured each label is now conscious of you.

A latest Vox report discovered that of the 125 rising artists they tracked, over 45% of them signed a serious label file deal after going viral on TikTok.

On this submit, we’ll share 5 rising artists which have damaged by in 2022 and landed a type of coveted offers.

1) Katie Gregson-MacLeod | Signed with Columbia Data


Most Viral TikTok Sound: “Complex (demo)”

Story: The Scotland-native signed to Columbia Data after posting a forty five second clip of her tune “Advanced”. Since being launched on Spotify, the tune has racked up over 10 million streams. More details via NME.

Should See Video:

@katiegregsonmacleod right here’s my saviour complicated tune #fyp #originalsong #singersongwriter ♬ complex (demo) – Katie Gregson-MacLeod

2) Armani White | Signed with Def Jam


Most Viral TikTok Sound: “Billie Eilish”

Story: Signed by DefJam in July 2022 after his single “Billie Eilish” took over TikTok. The one is now closing in on 100 Million Spotify streams. More details via Billboard.

Should See Video:

@armaniblanco IM REALLY THE GOAT NOW 😤🐐 #fyp #phillytiktok #blacktiktok #billieeilish #goated ♬ original sound – Armani White

3) Ktlyn | Signed with Diemon Data


Most Viral TikTok Sound: “Big Mad”

Story: Ktlyn was found on TikTok by unbiased rap icon Russ. After delivering the products on his “Handsomer” open verse problem on TikTok, she was chosen to be on the official remix for the tune – boasting over 40 million streams on Spotify.  More Details via Billboard.

Should See Video:

@ktlynraps I gained’t lie that additional coin don’t damage 🤣 @russ eng @brendangone #handsomer #russ #rap ♬ HANDSOMER (Remix) (Feat. Ktlyn) – Russ

4) Warren Zeiders | Signed with Warner Data


Most Viral TikTok Sound: “Ride The Lightning”

Story: The Hershey, PA native signed with Warner Data after amassing an enormous TikTok following and having this observe “Experience the lightning” take off on the platform. The tune is now licensed Gold. More via Billboard

Should See Video:

@warrenzeiders Can Y’all Blow This Up 2x ⁉️⚡️#fyp #countrymusic #country #warrenzeiders #singing #viral #xyzbca ♬ original sound – Warren Zeiders

5) Lehla Samia | Signed with CMG Data


Most Viral TikTok Sound: “Call on Me”

Story: The R&B artist turned TikTok star was signed by Yo Gotti to his CMG Document Label. Together with the file deal, Yo Gotti handed her the keys to a pink Lamborghini. More Details via Complex.

Should See Video:

@lehlasamia 👑 of CMG💕 , I’m making so many superb reminiscences. That is solely the start #fyp #lehnation 🫶🏽 #family ♬ Call On Me – Lehla Samia

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